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You’re Getting Back into Practice. We’re Here to Help.

It’s a tough time for practitioners right now. The world is in flux, and it seems there’s not a part of our lives that COVID-19 hasn’t touched. There’s been a lot of negativity.

Thankfully, things are starting to open back up! While you're thinking about how you will get back into the swing of things, we want you to know that we’re here for you, and we want to help. How about 19 FREE Acupuncture CEU credits?


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Rather than feeding the scarcity and negativity, we’re going to do the OPPOSITE:

Effective immediately, we are opening the doors to our recorded live training, the Acupuncture Technology Symposium, to anyone who wants access, totally free, from now until August 1st!

(NOTE: We reserve the right to extend if this if things are still up in the air and we think it's best to continue free access to the continuing education classes and credit.)

Normally this training (which includes 19 hours of PDA / CE credit through NCCAOM, FL and CA) is ONLY available for purchase for $600, but we’re giving it away, totally free, no strings attached. We believe that now is the time to give, so we simply want to give freely of what we have.


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If you’re going through a slow season in your clinic right now, or you’ve had to temporarily shut your doors and you're just now getting ready to open back up, it’s a PRIME time to invest in YOURSELF and get some great education and free CEU credits. You probably need them, and even if you don’t, the content is top-notch.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson and Dr. Adrian Larsen have done a Q&A session for EACH module of the Acupuncture Technology Symposium plus several bonus sessions, just to help as much as possible. You can go through it all as quickly as you would like, and you can get up to 19 credits within a few days if you really push. For many practitioners, that completes their requirement for the entire year!

We know that free training won’t heal the sick or stop the spread, nor will it get you back to work tomorrow.

But if you’re worried about your clinic, this training can improve your business for when normalcy returns...and we believe it will.

And if you’re worried about your patients, this training will prepare you with the knowledge to give even better treatments when they return... and we believe they will.

So, whatever your reason, we hope you’ll click here to learn from the best- of- the-best acupuncturists in our industry. We believe it will help you prepare to open your doors again (hopefully very soon!), and make a positive impact on your community sharing healing and light.

Thanks for being part of the Miridia Technology family!

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How to Get CEU Credit

To get your CEU credits, click on the yellow "VIEW NOW" button for the module you want to watch. On the viewing page for each module, there are detailed instructions for completing the course, submitting your worksheet and taking the required test to receive credit. Once you watch each module and submit your worksheet, you'll receive a link in your email for a short multiple choice test that you will also submit online. Once you complete the test, we will notify the credit issuing agency, and they will email you a certificate directly.

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    Module 1: History and Research

    Runtime: 2:59, 3 Credits

    Why this Training
    • Acupuncture Statistics
    • Technology is KEY

    Intro to Ryodoraku
    • History
    • Research
    • Intro to Ryodoraku
    • Akabane
    • Voll

    Evidence Based Acupuncture
    • Modern science in relation to: Qi, acupuncture meridians and Fascia Tissue
    • Acupuncture Clinical Research

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    Module 2: Expanding Your Practice and Communicating with Patients

    Runtime: 3:27, 3.5 Credits

    The Big Picture
    • Why you are here; what you’ll learn
    • Why this is important

    A Paradigm Shift
    • TCM vs Channel Theory
    • Channel Diagnostics
    • Modern AcuGraph Diagnostics
    • TCM Patterns in AcuGraph
    • Musculoskeletal/Internal Pathways

    Communicating through AcuGraph
    • The 6 Visit Strategy
    • Graph Analysis and Screening Events

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    Module 3: Non-Needle Acupuncture and Vibrational Therapy

    Runtime: 2:22, 2.5 Credits

    Becoming a Specialist
    • AcuGraph
    • Laser
    • Microcurrent
    • Light Therapy
    • Practical Demonstration

    Vibrational Therapy
    • Qi and Blood Stagnation
    • Fascia: A Modern Look at Acupuncture
    • Scar Tissue and Adhesions
    • A Clinical Experiment
    • Rapid Release Technology

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    Module 4: Putting it All Together and A Day in the Clinic

    Runtime: 3:36, 3.5 Credits

    Ion Pumping Cords
    • Ion Pumping Cords
    • Understanding Divergent Treatment
    • Ion Pumping Cord Treatments

    • Auriculotherapy Basics
    • Electrical Detection and Treatment
    • Auriculotherapy Advancements
    • Auriculotherapy—Root/Branch Treatment

    An Hour in the Clinic
    • Practical Demonstration

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    Module 5: Meridian Balancing

    Runtime: 4:35, 5 Credits

    Meridian Balancing
    • AcuGraph Menus
    • Significance of the Reading
    • Treatment Methods
    • 3-Level Acupuncture Protocol: Primary

    Extraordinary, Divergent Expert Panel Discussion
    • Frequent AcuGraph Questions
    • Panel of Experts
    • Case Studies

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    Module 6: Specializing Your Practice–Pregnancy

    Runtime: 1:12, 1.5 Credits

    Specializing in Pregnancy
    • AcuGraph in a pregnancy clinic
    • Laser for Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy Case Studies


Dr. Adrian Larsen and Dr. Kimberly Thompson, along with a few guest presenters, did a live Q&A for each module of the Acupuncture Technology Symposium. In the Q&A sessions, Adrian and Kimberly answered additional questions, and expanded on the information in the Symposium modules.

Though watching the recorded Q&A sessions is NOT required to receive CEU credit, they may be helpful if you would like to learn more about a particular module as you are working through the Symposium.

Click on any of the links below to watch the recorded Q&A session for that module.

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Live Q&A for Module 1

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Live Q&A for Module 2

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Live Q&A for Module 3

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Live Q&A for Module 4

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Live Q&A for Module 5

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Live Q&A for Module 6

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Upcoming Live Q&A's


The BEST Acupuncture Tools in the Business

AcuGraph, Jade Vitality, Rapid Release, Stimulus Pro, Lasers and MORE


We want you to implement what you learn in the free CEU credits. Every tool we recommend is because we KNOW it makes a difference in your treatment, and in your patients' experience. If there's a new tool you learn about in the course and would like to implement, you can find all of them at the link below!


We hope this free training is a blessing for you during this time of transitioning to a new normal. Our goal here at Miridia Technology is to give you the tools, technology, and training YOU need to be a successful practitioner, help patients, and bring more acceptance to acupuncture.

This training will be available, for free, through Monday, August 1st. We hope you'll take advantage of this free training, invest in yourself, and learn some valuable new skills that you can implement when you’re back in practice. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We are here to help!

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