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Curious if AcuGraph is right for you?

We offer personal, no-sales-pressure consultations, with a practitioner, to help you get answers to your specific questions about how well AcuGraph will fit in your practice and help you reach your goals.

These consultations will happen over an online meeting service. Here's all you need to do to book your appointment:

Choose your time from the available options listed

Enter your contact information where we can send the meeting details

Check your email to get full instructions and links for connecting to the meeting at the appropriate time

That's it! We try to do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We really are here to help you succeed!

Book a 30-minute Consultation with a Practitioner

AcuGraph is a wonderful tool to help bring patients into treatment or to help convert them to longer term care. I highly recommend you take advantage of today's technology and incorporate AcuGraph into your practice. It will make you a better Doctor.

—Ian Wahl, L.Ac.

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