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Technologically Advanced Acupuncture

You're a Good Acupuncturist…

And you make a real difference for your patients. But like too many good acupuncturists, you have trouble attracting and keeping enough patients to be successful. Some patients don’t trust the medicine, some just don’t understand, and others disappear the moment they feel some relief.

You’ve put in years to become a professional. You shouldn’t have to constantly scramble to fill your schedule.

We’ve got the help you need. AcuGraph not only gives you better intelligence for better treatments, but also attracts and keeps patients with objective proof and confident communication. The result? Your busy practice, filled with committed patients who love acupuncture—and refer their friends.

How Do I Get Great Results?

We make it easy with a step-by-step plan to get you started fast and easy.

Here’s what to do next:

With your AcuGraph system and our expert help, you’re on the way to more success, lower stress, and the practice you deserve! Get started today.

Technologically Advanced Acupuncture

AcuGraph’s advanced tools for acupuncture provide greater insight for practitioners and patients. AcuGraph helps you pinpoint specific issues, choose the most effective treatments, document progress, and demonstrate the power of acupuncture with objective proof. AcuGraph is an evolution in acupuncture.

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AcuGraph’s evidence-based approach to acupuncture is a categorical improvement in acupuncture care. Evidence-based care means you have real-time insight into meridian energetics and to make better treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes.

AcuGraph includes an extensive library of acupuncture points, patterns and treatments to help you design the most effective treatment plan on the fly.

You’ll enjoy increased confidence and improved outcomes with AcuGraph. It’s technology you can trust.



Objective evidence shows your patient exactly what’s wrong, demonstrates how you’re improving it and provides proof of results.

Communication is the key to patient relationships, and explaining acupuncture isn’t always easy. AcuGraph’s visual tools provide instant understanding and patient acceptance.

Email or print results for patients to use in home care or show to others. There’s no easier way to help your patients “see the Chi.”



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AcuGraph provides unsurpassed tools for capturing interest, communicating acupuncture, and attracting patients. It’s a superstar at public screening events and speaking engagements.

Whether you’re well established or just starting out, AcuGraph’s powerful marketing pull, and our available marketing training will help you surpass your goals. AcuGraph users bring in 35% more revenue than their peers.


AcuGraph gathers its information in a simple, two-minute exam, with measurement points located on the hands and feet for speed and convenience.

Photographic illustrations show the points while computer voice prompts automatically guide you through the exam and ensure proper timing of each measurement.

Upon exam completion, our exclusive IntelliGraph™ technology provides the most accurate exam verification and interpretation available. You can trust AcuGraph to give you the right information, every time.

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AcuGraph displays exam results in nine different graph styles, each masterfully designed to convey precise information in an easy-to-read format. Our patented PIE score and graph provide unsurpassed patient education and commitment. Share your results by email or in print with customizable, full-color reports.

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Treatment Plan

Armed with AcuGraph’s intelligent analysis and point recommendations, you can instantly build and document your treatment plan. Choose points from AcuGraph recommendations, our complete acupoint reference library, or prepared protocols for over 350 common conditions. All points are photographically illustrated and documented with complete information to help you choose the most effective points.

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Record Keeping

AcuGraph provides robust record-keeping features to help you efficiently document each patient encounter. Features include the following:

Free Form Notes: Type away, and format how you like with bold, italics, colored text, and more.

Note Templates: Create multiple templates to provide immediate access to the note formats you use most.

Chief Complaints: Document and track progress of multiple chief complaints.

Photos: Capture and store photographic documentation right in the patient record.

Body Location Notations: Mark and note specifics about any area on the body. This is the perfect way to visually document exam findings.

Red Flags: Vital information is displayed on the patient’s main record page so you’ll never miss it.

Exam History: Every exam result is automatically saved in the patient’s file for future reference and comparison.

Treatments: Treatment plans, herbal prescriptions, dietary recommendations, home care recommendations, and more are all preserved in the patient file.

Custom Recommendations: Complete flexibility to create custom treatment plans for recommendations like exercise, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.

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Device Flexibility

Access your patient data from a variety of devices including laptop, desktop or tablet computers from anywhere in the world.

We are working on iOS access for iPad as well, with that functionality expected in a future release.

User Reviews

“...I have seen my patient retention rate skyrocket!”

“...gets people past the needle concern and into the door.”

“Patients experience the best results.”

“AcuGraph is a “must” investment...”

“...The best program I have ever seen.”

Technical Specs

Security: AcuGraph is HIPAA compliant. All data is strong-encrypted and password protected so you can rest easy.

Data Backup: Secure cloud data backup protects your patient data against computer crashes, theft, and disaster.

Users: Multi-user capable, with individual user accounts and passwords.

Networking: Share data between multiple devices and even multiple offices.

Support: Online, telephone and remote-access support are all available.

Training: AcuGraph provides a variety of training options to meet every need.

Hardware Requirements:

Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 8, or 10.
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
iOS Coming Soon

Computer Requirements:
Laptop, desktop or tablet
Screen resolution min. 1024 x 768
USB port required
Internet connection required

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