The AcuGraph exam provides evidence-based acupuncture, converts patients to your care, and skyrockets your practice success.

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The AcuGraph Exam

The AcuGraph system helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into your patient’s meridian energetics.

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Simple and painless 2-minute exam

Computer prompts you through the exam using acupuncture source points

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Displays meridian data in visually engaging charts and graphs

Treatment recommendations, custom protocols, home care, and more!

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Historical trends to demonstrate progress to your patients over time

Print reports and home care instructions for your patients

The Problem You Face

Acupuncture is Undervalued

You struggle against a rigged system that misrepresents and undervalues acupuncture.

It’s wrong that so many people suffer, and so many acupuncturists struggle, in a system that doesn’t reward and value acupuncture the way it should.

We care, because we're acupuncturists too.

We know what it’s like to spend thousands of dollars and many years on a powerful education only to struggle when you open your first practice. It's difficult to explain to your patients why they need your care, and why they need to keep coming back.

But we also know the solution—it happens when your patients "see the chi."

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Over 1,000 AcuGraph Practitioners

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More than 1 million AcuGraph exams

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Over 200,000 patients helped with AcuGraph

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“I can honestly say that the AcuGraph is one of the best acupuncture investments I have ever made.”

Steve Smith, L.Ac.

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Follow Our Simple Integration Plan

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in your patients

A simple 2-minute exam shows your patient exactly what’s wrong, demonstrates how you’re helping and provides proof of results.


in your practice

AcuGraph not only gives you better intelligence for better treatments, but also attracts and keeps patients with objective proof and confident communication.

Acupuncture Patient Communication
Acupuncture Patient Communication


in your practice

AcuGraph not only gives you better intelligence for better treatments, but also attracts and keeps patients with objective proof and confident communication.


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  • “I see 5 patients at a time— 80-90 patient visits per week. I graph EVERY patient, EVERY time. If they can see it, they will understand it, and they will come and refer. I don’t do advertising. All I do is talk to my patients. We have a great relationship.”

    -Dr. Jared McCollum

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  • “I am now able to make the correct diagnosis on the first visit resulting in significantly better outcomes while also shortening the length of time before my patient sees lasting results.”

    -Pam Jacobson L.Ac.

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  • “AcuGraph has been not only great for my patients but has improved my business. Patients understand where, and why the imbalances occur, and how acupuncture helps them.”

    -Kim Bociak L.Ac.

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Our Commitment to You

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We will be there for you! Whether you need training, technical support, or customer service, we’ll pick up the phone when you call. No robots here.

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We will protect you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. This is a no-risk decision!

Not Sure Which System is Right for You?

AcuGraph Essential Package


AcuGraph Professional Package


AcuGraph Practice Builder Package

Practice Builder

Or call us at 208.846.8448 and let us answer your questions!

Statistics Say…

… 7/10 acupuncturists won’t be able to pay back their student loans.

You can keep doing what you’re doing, but you risk repelling potential patients, gambling with your financial security, and wondering if you chose the right career path.

That’s why you need AcuGraph.

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Your Life with AcuGraph

 Full schedule of “raving fan” patients who refer their friends and family
 Objective proof of your outstanding acupuncture results
 Respect and esteem in the healthcare community
 Freedom to practice on YOUR terms
 Freedom from fear
 Freedom from financial difficulty, and that part time job

On average, AcuGraph users make 35% more money than non-AcuGraph practitioners.

Ready to Change your Life?

If you let it, AcuGraph will change your practice, and your life.
We’ll be here every step of the way to help you be successful with your investment.

Let’s get started!

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