What are AcuGraph Users Saying?

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“…I have seen my patient retention rate skyrocket!”

Since I have brought the AcuGraph into my practice, I have seen my patient retention rate skyrocket! My patients are so interested in seeing how their “energetic body” actually works. Before using the AcuGraph, my consultation times were around 30 minutes with treatment explanations, etc. Now, I let the AcuGraph do it for me and I'm down to 10–15 minute consults and an extra 2–3 hours each day to see patients.

This was the best investment I have made in my practice in over 5 years.

—Ryan Lombardo, L.Ac.

“...gets people past the needle concern and into the door.”

I love the new AcuGraph program. Whenever I conduct external marketing programs, I ALWAYS use my AcuGraph program. It gets people past the needle concern and into the door. With one health fair alone, I was able to get 8 new patients in 2 hours.

This program is an excellent tool for any clinic, established or new.

—Jeffrey Grossman, L.Ac.

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“...gets people past the needle concern and into the door.”

I love the new AcuGraph program. Whenever I conduct external marketing programs, I ALWAYS use my AcuGraph program. It gets people past the needle concern and into the door. With one health fair alone, I was able to get 8 new patients in 2 hours.

This program is an excellent tool for any clinic, established or new.

—Jeffrey Grossman, L.Ac.

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“I would definitely recommend AcuGraph as a great tool...”

AcuGraph is so good for so many different things—from marketing, to credibility, to giving me different insights into treatments and things I might not have seen with people, like belt blocks. I would definitely recommend AcuGraph as a great tool for so many different reasons for anybody practicing acupuncture.

My new patients are impressed that I use so many different diagnostic procedures and that they can really relate to AcuGraph. They find it very interesting.

—Kathy Castrigno, L.Ac.

AcuGraph Video Reviews

Dr. James Maguire

"One of the most significant additions to my practice."

Kathy Castringo, L.Ac.

"Marketing, credibility, insights. It's a great tool for so many reasons!"

Dr. Dwayne Borgstrand

“A real tool to better evaluate patients and better communicate to patients what acupuncture is all about, and how they can be helped!”

Dr. Salil Malholtre

"This is the only product I've kept since I opened my first office. AcuGraph is awesome, so use it!"

More AcuGraph Stories

Steve Smith, L.Ac.

I can honestly say that the AcuGraph is one of the best acupuncture investments I have ever made. It allows me to take some of the mystery out of acupuncture and translate information in a clean, clear, concise way that the average person can readily understand.

My goal as an acupuncturist is to teach, coach, mentor and empower people to lead their lives to the fullest.

The AcuGraph is an invaluable tool that allows me to reach my goals as an acupuncturist and enrich the lives of my patients.

Dr. Charles Metzker

As a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist, I am very pleased with the use and content of AcuGraph. The informational analysis within the unit allows for consistent and relevant treatment of any condition faced in a typical acupuncture practice. The program is applicable to any style of practice whether it be TCM, 5 Element, Japanese, Korean or Ryodoraku.

I encourage anyone truly devoted to intelligent patient care to discover all AcuGraph offers. Pattern discrimination, treatment plans, point recommendation, and herbal constituents are addressed on several levels. Thank you for an intuitive and well conceived instrument.

Suzette Gore, L.OM.

This technology has done so much for me, from enhancing my ability to help my patients and bringing so much more confidence in the protocols I use, to relieving a lot of the stress I was experiencing from trying to figure out what's going on with all of my patients and how to treat them on a daily basis.

It has really been a gift in innumerable ways.

It’s your passion and care as a company that shines through into your phenomenal products and customer service, so thank you all at Miridia!

Ian Wahl, L.Ac., D.A., C.H.

I am an acupuncturist and herbalist who was first introduced to the AcuGraph a few years ago. I originally thought it was a gimmicky substitute for TCM diagnosis and treatment. I took advantage of the 30-day free trial period to prove that AcuGraph was a sham. I was wrong. I am still using it today.

I have found it to be an invaluable tool during an Oriental Medical exam, giving a patient an evidence-based statistic that validates my tongue and pulse findings. The uncanny accuracy of the Energy Cycle Graph matching a patient's diurnal energy, fatigue, and sleep patterns surprises every patient. From a practitioner's standpoint, it is important to convert a patient at the end of their initial treatment plan to a maintenance or wellness plan. I have found that comparing PIE Charts taken every 8 or so treatments graphically demonstrates a patient's progress, and my conversion rate has literally doubled. Patients love to see their progress graphed visually and the AcuGraph makes it easy.

In other words, AcuGraph is a wonderful tool to help bring patients into treatment or to help convert them to longer term care. However, my life purpose is not to increase my patient load, but to help create a better planet and healthier people living on it. When my treatment plan isn't helping a patient reach their goals, I have found that following the recommended AcuGraph treatments almost always brings the success I have been missing. Sometimes I wonder who is in that little black box.

I highly recommend you take advantage of today's technology and incorporate AcuGraph into your practice. It will make you a better Doctor.

Joe Lindley D.C.

I have been doing acupuncture for nearly 30 years. I have used electronic measurement for that entire time.

Through exhaustive work I figured out all of the details of the measurements [yin/yang, right/left, five elements, averages, horary, and on and on.] All of these factors had to be figured by hand and were very time consuming but extremely necessary.

I have searched for years to find a system that could make this process more effective. While there are many programs available, none were up to par when taking into account all the factors that I was used to doing by hand.

I either wanted the ‘real deal’ or I would continue my search, however long it may take.

Imagine my surprise and deep satisfaction to have all of my needs met in one package. This [AcuGraph] is my favorite purchase in 30 years and of the utmost service to my patients, my peace of mind, my efficiency and prosperity.

Brilliant! I cannot thank you enough.

Dr. Jarved Iqbal

I've been using AcuGraph for the last 18 months.

My patients are very excited and extremely satisfied.

AcuGraph has introduced me as a unique practitioner, and the only acupuncturist in town who is using this miraculous, scientific device. I'm enjoying a good reputation and financial benefits as well.

“AcuGraph has given me a new CHI in the way I practice. I have been able to help my patients in ways that I could not previously.”

Dear AcuGraph, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU. Last month, we promoted acupuncture exams and treatment by asking patients “What was their CHI number?”. Immediately, I had patients and their friends making appointments to be examined by the AcuGraph to get their CHI number, or as your company states it: your P.I.E. score.

Explaining the patient imbalances with a single number makes life easier for both the patient and me. It was uncanny how the imbalances that the AcuGraph measured correlated with my patient’s symptoms or concerns.

In addition, the ability to help find acupuncture points with the point finder has given me a greater level of confidence that my examinations are accurate.

I have been using the recommended treatment screen from AcuGraph and every single one of my patients has responded with an increase in the P.I.E. score and are feeling better. I have been practicing Chiropractic for 15 years; AcuGraph has given me a new CHI in the way I practice. I have been able to help my patients in ways that I could not previously.

In short, AcuGraph is portable, easy to use, has professional looking screens and reports, is doctor and patient friendly and best of all, it has paid for itself through an increase in new and existing patients.


Su Thi Ho, A.P.

What are channels, meridians,
or energy pathways?!? Can you see them? Can you feel them? Try explaining it to the average person who is used to seeing lab tests, graphs, and pictures of what is wrong with their bodies.

With AcuGraph, I am able to easily explain how acupuncture works and visually show them the blockages in their nerve pathways.

I’ve been using AcuGraph for the last three years. It has expanded my business and made it a lot easier to explain acupuncture to my patients. I feel like I have more credibility because I do have something concrete to show my patients.

Joseph Vargas Ph.D.

I must say that I am highly
impressed with your product, your website, on-line presentations AND your philosophical and ethical perspective. They make a winning combination, making your company and staff the kind with which I am pleased and honored to connect and associate.

Note: I have been quite satisfied using other excellent Acupuncture meridian measuring devices for some time (there are many), but your product has excelled in both ease, thoroughness, versatility and accuracy. I will be both using it and referring my colleagues and
other aficionados and professionals to your product henceforth.

Hosea Yang, H.H.P.

After I use AcuGraph to test my
patients, they are so amazed by the accuracy of the AcuGraph findings, particularly with how well it identifies their symptoms.

Because of this correlation, patients buy herbs from me without hesitation. They bring friends and family to get examined and tell those whom they know are sick to come and get examined as well.

In about 7 months, I have generated over 2,000 new patients, my income has tripled.

My patients really like when they come back and see that they are getting better and healthier. For me AcuGraph is a blessing.

Gary Torres, M.D., D.C.

This new technology has allowed me the convenience of reducing my evaluation time to 1/10 of what it used to be, effectively reducing my objective findings examination for office visits to a fraction of pre AcuGraph use. I've been able to address and eliminate conditions from chronic fibromyalgia and diabetes to infertility and E.D.

I no longer have to guess if a meridian is hyper or hypotonic in relation to the other meridians, nor if the meridian itself is balanced left and right sides. The ease of researching acupuncture is just a click away at your fingertips. From command points to master points and everything in between.

Each point, on any meridian, is elucidated with clear descriptions of their location, effect, conditions they treat and much more. The database is clearly designed for ease of data retrieval and is comprehensive in both acupuncture theory as well as application.

AcuGraph can show you the progress your patients are making by being able to produce reproducible graphs. AcuGraph is very reliable. Your data can be viewed in a number of ways, from comparing yin and yang to grouping them according to the five elements, or upper vs. lower body. The print out reports can be custom tailored to suit any report profile desired, from letting the patient know what's wrong to letting insurance companies see for themselves.

AcuGraph is far superior to any other similar technology currently available today.

After using other programs that boast similar abilities, I can clearly state that no other program can perform to the level of AcuGraph, provide that data in as many formats, nor present a database of information as robust as AcuGraph.

I use AcuGraph on every patient I see. You should too.

“Needless to say, the equipment has more than paid for itself.”

This is one of the first times I have ever bought any type of equipment at a seminar, that I have had NO buyer’s remorse.

The AcuGraph is absolutely loaded with so many new and helpful, doctor-friendly features that I wonder how I managed without them. I am enjoying my acupuncture practice like never before.

Thank you for making it all so simple, easy, and convenient. By the way, my acupuncture practice has tripled in a matter of weeks, and needless to say the equipment has more than paid for itself.

—Allen Roberds, D.C., Dipl. Ac. (IAMA)

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