The AcuGraph Exam

The AcuGraph system helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into your patient’s meridian energetics.

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    Pinpoint Specific Issues

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    Choose Effective Treatments

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    Document Patient Progress

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    Prove Acupuncure Works

Curious if AcuGraph is Right for You?

It can be difficult to explain to your patients why they need your care, and why they need to keep coming back. But we also know the solution—it happens when your patients "see the chi."

AcuGraph not only gives you better intelligence for better treatments, but also attracts and keeps patients with objective proof and confident communication.

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    Over 1,000 AcuGraph Practitioners

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    More than 1 million AcuGraph Exams

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    Over 200,000 patients helped with AcuGraph

This Demo Video Covers…

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I am now able to make the correct diagnosis on the first visit resulting in significantly better outcomes while also shortening the length of time before my patient sees lasting results.

—Pam Jacobson, L.Ac.

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