The Truth is…

You Can't Afford to NOT Buy AcuGraph

Do you struggle against today’s rigged system that misrepresents and undervalues acupuncture?

How many potential patients don’t trust acupuncture or believe it can help them?

How many of your appointment slots are empty because people don’t know why they should come?

Can you visually show your patients their chi, and how you help them improve over time?

Today’s consumers expect verifiable proof that your treatments are helping them improve.

A lack of evidence-based acupuncture may already be costing you a great deal.

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The Solution

We created the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System to combat the problems facing today’s acupuncturists. AcuGraph will help YOU succeed and make a living helping your patients live their best life.

Research shows AcuGraph practitioners, on average, make 35% more than their colleagues.


Practitioners who use AcuGraph understand their patients conditions more fully. They can show their patients verifiable proof that their treatments are making a difference.

The simple, 2-minute AcuGraph exam measures electrical skin resistance at each acupuncture meridian’s source point, and creates several beautiful graphical displays that help patients “see their chi”. You’ll be amazed at patient’s commitment to their acupuncture care when they understand what’s wrong, and how you can help them.

Your Investment will Pay for Itself

A majority of AcuGraph owners earn back their investment within 90 days because of the increased revenue AcuGraph brings to their practice. Many AcuGraph practitioners get 10, 20 or even 30 new patients when they take their AcuGraph to health fairs to graph potential patients and introduce them to acupuncture in an understandable way.

You’ll find a new vitality and life in your practice when you, and your patients can “See the Chi”. AcuGraph is the missing link!

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Claire was able quit her second job.
Kimberly has a 2 week waiting list for new patients.
Kim's patients understand how she helps them.

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All AcuGraph Packages Include:

• AcuGraph Hardware
• AcuGraph Software
• 1 Year of Service and Support

• Automatic Service Plan Renewal
• Online Training and Tutorials

Choose the package that's right for you!


AcuGraph 5 Packages

AcuGraph Professional Package


60-day Money Back Guarnatee!

AcuGraph Professional Hardware
• • •
Graphing Station and Supplies
AcuGraph Carry Case
Patient Education Brochures

1 Year Professional
Service & Support
with Automatic Renewal*

Up to 500 Active Patients

“Getting Started” Online Training

Use on up to 3 Devices

AcuGraph Practice Builder Package

Practice Builder

60-day Money Back Guarnatee!

AcuGraph Professional Hardware
• • •
Graphing Station and Supplies
AcuGraph Carry Case
Patient Education Brochures

1 Year Enterprise
Service & Support
with Automatic Renewal*

Unlimited Active Patients

“Getting Started” Online Training

Use on up to 10 Devices

Enhanced Support and Warranty

All Access Training Pass

Payment Plans Available
for US Customers

Call us at 208.846.8448 to discuss options.

*Service and Support Plan Information

AcuGraph 5 Service and Support requires an annual service plan. Your first year of service and support is included with your purchase of an AcuGraph Package. Service plans will auto-renew after the first year at the then-current price for the existing service level for active accounts, and can be upgraded or downgraded as needed by calling our office. Current annual service options are:

Professional Renewal: As low as $57.92 per month, when paid annually
Enterprise Renewal: As low as $82.92 per month, when paid annually

Renewal prices are subject to change.

AcuGraph Online Training

Worried about learning how to use AcuGraph? Don't worry, we are here to help!

Your AcuGraph Package include the “Getting Started” training you need. As soon as you place your AcuGraph order, you will be sent an invitation to create your online AcuGraph account. While we prepare and ship out your AcuGraph hardware, you can begin your online AcuGraph training.

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Your “Getting Started” Online Training Includes:

• 4 training modules
    1. Getting Started
    2. Practice Management
    3. Reading Graphs and Talking to your Patients
    4. Marketing your Practice

• Installation and setup video instructions
• Graphing tutorials

Practitioners who complete the online training find it easy to understand how to use AcuGraph and effectively integrate it into their practices.

Our Commitment to You

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We will be there for you! Whether you need training, technical support, or customer service, we’ll pick up the phone when you call. No robots here.

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We will protect you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. This is a no-risk decision!

Compare AcuGraph 5 Packages





Practice Builder

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AcuGraph Hardware
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AcuGraph Essential Hardware
AcuGraph Essential Hardware includes Measurement Processor, Measurement Cables, Ground Bar, USB Cable and Warranty.
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Graphing Station and Supplies ($99 Value)
Say goodbye to embarrassing probe tangles, spilled water, and damaged equipment! The Graphing Station securely and attractively organizes your AcuGraph instrument, probes, extra tips, water and blotting pad in a professional desktop organizer. Includes extra tips, blotter and water cups.
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AcuGraph Carry Case ($30 Value)
Protect your AcuGraph investment with this hard-sided carry case. Custom cut foam padding keeps your equipment safe, whether you're heading to a screening, a house call, or just back and forth to the office.

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Pack of 100 Patient Brochures ($46 Value)
Take the fear and mystery out of acupuncture with AcuGraph patient education! These brochures help your patient understand the importance of meridian energetics and the benefits of AcuGraph evaluation, all the while reflecting positively on you for using the best tools in the industry.

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AcuGraph Software, Service and Support


No Limit



*Renewal of an AcuGraph 5 Service and Support Plan is required and will automatically happen at the existing service level. All plans include ongoing Software, Service, Support, Upgrades and Training. Alternative renewal plans will be at the end of the first year, with either monthly or annual payment options.

**Requires continuous Enterprise level subscription for the prior 6 months before warranty becomes active, or requires annual subscription to become immediately active. Thereafter, the warranty remains in effect as long as the Enterprise service plan subscription remains active.
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Ready to Get Started?

Frequent Questions

Q: Do I have to pay for service and support for AcuGraph 5?
A: AcuGraph 5 software requires an active service and support plan. Your original AcuGraph package purchase includes includes software, service and support for the first year. You will not need to pay for service and support for AcuGraph during this period. When this 1-year period expires, your plan will automatically renew at the then current price of the existing service level of your original purchase. Upgrading or downgrading service and support plan options are available, starting as low as $69 per month.

Q: How will I learn to use AcuGraph?
A: Your AcuGraph purchase includes an online AcuGraph account where you can access setup and installation instructions, graphing tutorials, and our in-depth AcuGraph training program. Practitioners who complete their AcuGraph training find it easy to use AcuGraph and integrate it into their practice. If you need additional help, you are always welcome to call our office. A real human will pick up the phone and help you with whatever questions or issues you are having. We want you to be successful with AcuGraph!

Q: How long has AcuGraph been on the market?
A: The first AcuGraph units became available in 2003. The system has been continually upgraded and developed since then.

Q: What kind of computer do I need to use AcuGraph?
A: Any laptop running Windows 10 or 11, or Mac OS 10.13 or newer.

Q: Can I install AcuGraph on more than one computer?
A: Yes, your AcuGraph 5 software service and support license covers up to 10 computers, depending on your service level. If you need to install it on more devices than your current plan allows, you can choose to upgrade to a larger plan an added fee.

Q: Is tech support included?
A: Yes, AcuGraph includes technical support and installation assistance.

Q: What about a warranty?
A: AcuGraph includes a 1-year, free-replacement warranty. If you have a problem, we will replace it. Members of the Enterprise plan have ongoing warranty coverage as part of their service as long as the service plan continues uninterrupted.

Q: Is AcuGraph returnable?
A: You can return AcuGraph anytime during the first 60 days for a no-hassle refund. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it.

Q: Are the parts of the system replaceable?
A: Sure thing! If you break or wear out something outside the warranty period, you can replace just that part.

Q: What about upgrades?
A: We’re constantly developing and improving the AcuGraph software. The system will tell you when there’s an update ready to install. Updates are included with your service and support package.

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