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AcuGraph 5 Devices

IMPORTANT: This page is about upgrading from a previous version of AcuGraph, and highlights some of the new benefits available in AcuGraph 5.

If you already own AcuGraph, you’re in the right place!

What's New in AcuGraph 5?

What's my Price to Upgrade?


What’s New in AcuGraph 5?


What's My Price to Upgrade?

Your AcuGraph 5 Upgrade Requires:

1. A $300 Software Activation Fee (one-time)

2. An Active Service and Support Plan (lasts 1-year)

You can choose between two different service and support plan levels for your first year of AcuGraph 5:

1-time Activation Fee ($300)

AcuGraph 5 Professional Plan

1 Year Professional
Service & Support
Renewal as low as $57.92 per month,
when paid annually)

Up to 500 Active Patients

Use on up to 3 Devices

Secure HIPAA Compliant Email

AcuGraph Practitioner Directory Listing

Telephone Support

$300 Software and Activation Fee (one-time)
$695 Professional Plan (lasts 1 year)

$995 Due Today

1-time Activation Fee ($300)

AcuGraph 5 Enterprise Plan

1 Year Enterprise
Service & Support
Renewal as low $82.92 per month,
when paid annually)

Unlimited Active Patients

Use on up to 10 Devices

Secure HIPAA Compliant Email

AcuGraph Practitioner Directory Listing

Enhanced Priority Support

Permanent Hardware Warranty

All Access Training Pass
with CE Credit

$300 Software and Activation Fee (one-time)
$995 Professional Plan (lasts 1 year)

$1,295 Due Today

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Why is Enterprise the Best Value?

Take a look at what it includes:

Besides the basics listed in the chart above, like unlimited active patients, use on up to 10 devices, etc., the AcuGraph Enterprise Plan has several other additional perks that easily make this plan the best value for your money.

Enterprise Additional Perks are…

AcuGraph 5 Plan Renewal

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After your first year of AcuGraph 5, on your anniversary, we will automatically renew your service and support plan at its current level.

Please note that your initial AcuGraph upgrade must be done at either the Professional or Enterprise level, but you can choose to upgrade or downgrade between these plans, at any time, by contacting customer support.

Your current plan and renewal date will be shown on your AcuGraph 5 personal dashboard.

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Don't Own AcuGraph Yet? No Problem.

If you don't own any version of AcuGraph yet, we'll help you get started. Start Here >>

Got Questions? We’ve got Answers…

We love our customers and work hard to continually provide outstanding products and service. AcuGraph 5 is the largest and most capable upgrade we’ve ever offered, and is evidence of our ongoing commitment to our customers.

Here are answers to some common questions about upgrading to AcuGraph 5.


Q: Do I need to purchase new AcuGraph hardware?
A: No, all existing AcuGraph processors and probes work with AcuGraph 5. This is only a software upgrade. With AcuGraph’s built-in networking, you might want to add an additional set of hardware to expand your practice, but that’s completely optional.

Q: Do I need to buy a new computer?
A: Most likely not. As long as your computer meets the software requirements, you can run AcuGraph 5.

Q: Will this run on my iPad?
A: Not yet. We’re working on an iPad version, though, and are very excited about it.

Windows® :
  • Operating System: Windows® 10 or 11
  • Internet access
  • Available USB port
  • 1 GB free hard drive space
  • 1024x768 Minimum screen resolution
Macintosh® :
  • Operating System: OS 10.15 or newer
  • Internet access
  • Available USB port
  • 1 GB free hard drive space
  • 1024x768 Minimum screen resolution

Patient Data and Languages

Q: If I upgrade to AcuGraph 5, what happens to all the data I have in AcuGraph 4?
A: All your patients, graphs, notes, etc., will be seamlessly imported. So, no worries!

Q: Can I upgrade from a previous version of AcuGraph (Like AG3, or AG2)?
A: Yes. Yes you can. And we can help import your patient records from those versions as well. Please contact us before trying to install or run the software so we can make sure your experience is the best it can be for the upgrade.

Q: What happens to my data if I discontinue my AcuGraph 5 service plan?
A: It will go to a read-only format. It will remain available, but you will not be able to modify or add to your patient records without an active service plan.

Q: If I have multiple computers with AcuGraph will they share data?
A: Yes. If you install AcuGraph on, let’s say, 3 computers, and perform an exam on computer #1, the exam data will be available on computers #2, and #3 within a few seconds. The number of devices listed on the service level refers to how many computers this will work with.

Q: Is AcuGraph 5 available in Spanish?
A: No. AcuGraph 5 is currently English only. We do not yet have a development roadmap or timeline for Spanish language development.

Service and Support Questions

Q: So AcuGraph 5 requires a service plan commitment. Can I just pay once and have it forever?
A: Well, for us to provide ongoing service, support, and development, we need to be paid, just as you charge your patients for the services you provide on an ongoing basis. Once and done isn’t going to work for you, or for us. Sorry.

Q: What do the number of patient limits mean in the plans?
A: That is the total number of active patients in your database. There are no monthly or annual limits on how many patients you see or how many exams you perform.

Q: Can I change service plans?
A: Sure! No problem. You can change your plan any time, to take effect at next renewal. If you need to upgrade plans early, give us a call and we can force an early update—you just pay the pro-rated difference in cost.

Q: What will my current plan cost when it renews?
A: Current prices are posted on the website. If you have a special or discount when you start your service, it will continue for the promised period. At the end of that period, your service will renew at regular price.

Q: If I am paying for a monthly plan now, can I switch to an annual plan?
A: Certainly. You can make this change at any time. Please contact us by email at service@miridiatech.com and ask us to make this change for you.

Of course, if you are already on a monthly plan, you can keep the service and support plan and payment arrangement that you already have in place.

Q: Can I pay monthly for the service and support plan?
A: Yes. The activation fee is due up-front as a one-time payment. Monthly payment options are available for the Professional and Enterprise service and support plans. Please call the office and ask to make these arrangements if this is a better option for you.

Questions about AcuGraph 4

Q: Do I have to upgrade to AcuGraph 5?

A: No! You can continue using older versions of AcuGraph as long your computer system will continue to run the software you have.

Q: Why is support ending for AcuGraph 4?

A: AcuGraph 4 was built on a much older platform twelve years ago, which is a very long time in the technology world. We’ve continued to update and support it as computer operating systems have advanced, but we reached a point where it needed to be completely re-written to bring it up to current standards. That re-write became AcuGraph 5. We’ve continued to support both AcuGraph 4 and AcuGraph 5 for a year, to give everyone plenty of time to learn about the upgrade and prepare for the future. Currently, the majority of our tech support time is spent on supporting an aging AcuGraph 4 that is increasingly problematic with new operating systems. We are a small company, serving a very small, niche market with highly specialized software, and we simply don’t have the personnel and resources to continue providing great products while simultaneously spending inordinate amounts of time keeping outdated products running in environments they were not designed for. Just as with AcuGraph 1, 2, and 3, AcuGraph 4 has now come to the end of its lifespan.

Q: What happens September 1st, 2016? Will my AcuGraph 4 stop working?

A: No, if it is currently working, it should continue working until something changes. For example, if you update your operating system, purchase a new computer, or download a system update that changes something beyond our control, your AcuGraph 4 software may stop working. We cannot predict when, or if, this may happen.

Q: Can I revert back to AcuGraph 4 after I upgrade to AcuGraph 5?
A: Starting September 1, 2016 you will not be able to revert back to AcuGraph 4. Once you upgrade to AcuGraph 5, your data will be saved in an AcuGraph 5 database. Whatever graphs, notes, and information you in AcuGraph 5 will remain there and can be accessed even without an active service and support plan, but the information cannot be moved to a prior version of AcuGraph.

Prior to September 1, 2016, we will provide some limited support for recovering original data native to AcuGraph 4, however, any data added to AcuGraph after the upgrade to AcuGraph 5 cannot be moved to AcuGraph 4.

Q: Can I keep using AcuGraph 4?

A: You are welcome to keep using your AcuGraph 4 software after September 1, 2016, but please understand that future changes to your computer are beyond our control and may affect your AcuGraph software. After September 1, 2016, there will be no further updates, bug fixes, or security patches to AcuGraph 4. It will be in “End of Life” status.

Q: What happens to my AcuGraph 4 secure backup subscription?

A: Current subscriptions will be honored through their end date. Renewals of AcuGraph 4 secure backup are no longer available.

Q: What happens if I need help with my AcuGraph 4?

A: After September 1, 2016, we will not be able to provide software support for AcuGraph 4. This means if your software stops working, your computer crashes, you upgrade your computer, purchase a new computer, encounter an error, or require tech support for any other reason, we will simply advise you to upgrade to the current version of AcuGraph 5.

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