Why I Use AcuGraph

By Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin
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Let’s face it - There are things they DIDN'T teach you in Acupuncture School!

  • WHAT is Meridian Therapy acupuncture?
  • HOW is it different than TCM acupuncture?
  • WHY wasn't this taught in Acupuncture School?
  • WHY is this powerful technique still an Acupuncture SECRET?

It's important to know the answer to these questions. It's the reason Dr. Fratkin wrote this report. Understanding the complete history and nature of Acupuncture will improve your skills as a healer.

You'll learn:

  • How the TCM model changed with the communist revolution.
  • Why the TCM model is more effective in China than in the USA.
  • Three primary limitations of the TCM model.
  • How Japanese practitioners deliver effective treatments in 1/3 the number of visits as their Chinese counterparts.
  • Exactly what Meridian Balancing is, and why it's so effective.

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Your instant download is ready and waiting.

Act now to learn the powerful technique they DIDN'T TEACH you in School!


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