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AcuGraph 4 software support will end September 1, 2016. We’ve provided the following questions and answers to help you understand this transition and what to expect.

Q: Why is support ending for AcuGraph 4?

A: AcuGraph 4 was built on a much older platform six years ago, which is a very long time in the technology world. We’ve continued to update and support it as computer operating systems have advanced, but we reached a point where it needed to be completely re-written to bring it up to current standards. That re-write became AcuGraph 5. We’ve continued to support both AcuGraph 4 and AcuGraph 5 for the last year, to give everyone plenty of time to learn about the upgrade and prepare for the future. Currently, the majority of our tech support time is spent on supporting an aging AcuGraph 4 that is increasingly problematic with new operating systems. We are a small company, serving a very small, niche market with highly specialized software, and we simply don’t have the personnel and resources to continue providing great products while simultaneously spending inordinate amounts of time keeping outdated products running in environments they were not designed for. Just as with AcuGraph 1, 2, and 3, AcuGraph 4 has now come to the end of its lifespan.

Q: What happens September 1st? Will my AcuGraph 4 stop working?

A: No, if it is currently working, it should continue working until something changes. For example, if you update your operating system, purchase a new computer, or download a system update that changes something beyond our control, your AcuGraph 4 software may stop working. We cannot predict when, or if, this may happen.

Q: Can I keep using AcuGraph 4?

A: You are welcome to keep using your AcuGraph 4 software after September 1, but please understand that future changes to your computer are beyond our control and may affect your AcuGraph software. After September 1, there will be no further updates, bug fixes, or security patches to AcuGraph 4. It will be in “End of Life” status.

Q: What happens to my AcuGraph 4 secure backup subscription?

A: Current subscriptions will be honored through their end date. Renewals of AcuGraph 4 secure backup will not be available.

Q: Will my AcuGraph hardware be affected?

A: No. Your AcuGraph hardware is not affected by software, and will still be supported. Current hardware warranties will remain in effect. If you choose to upgrade your software to AcuGraph 5, you can continue using the same hardware with the new AcuGraph software.

Q: What happens if I need help with my AcuGraph 4?

A: After September 1, we will not be able to provide software support for AcuGraph 4. This means if your software stops working, your computer crashes, you upgrade your computer, purchase a new computer, encounter an error, or require tech support for any other reason, we will simply advise you to upgrade to the current version of AcuGraph 5.

Q: What are my upgrade options?

A: You can review your upgrade options at this link: