TCM Foodie Materials

Everyone enjoys food. How about using our TCM Foodie marketing tools to educate about acupuncture.

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Social media is full of great recipes and special eating programs used to promote wellness. YOU should be doing it too! Teaching about TCM Foodie theories, while sharing eating tips and yummy recipes, is a GREAT way to bring in new referrals. Coming up with the content is the hardest part. Well guess what? It’s already done. Twelve recipes, twelve days worth of healthy food, and twelve conditions you can treat by simply changing your diet.

Try this: Use our 12 “Done for you” Recipes for Success to educate and activate new and existing patients. You can use each theme as a monthly newsletter, incorporate them into your monthly blog posts, add them to social media, or just hand them out in your clinic when a patient comes in with a specific condition.

The conditions are typical…arthritis, bad breath, blurry vision, insomnia, and sore throat just to name a few. We have developed dietary recommendations with TCM theory for a year’s worth of conditions that are commonly treated in your clinic.

Social media is such a BIG part of society these days. Everyone wants to SHARE. The hardest part as a health practitioner is taking the time to create the content. Well, take a deep breath and relax. The hard part is already done! Have a little fun and let social media become a referral source for you.

Twelve months of work is finished and ready to go. Just drop the information into your existing social media system. DONE!