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AcuGraph helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into your patient’s meridian energetics. It includes objective measurement and engaging visual displays of meridian data, as well as treatment point recommendations and historical trending to demonstrate results. It does this by measuring electrical skin resistance at representative acupuncture points, by means of a two-minute exam.

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Where Did AcuGraph Come From?

AcuGraph is based on the historic practice of Ryodoraku acupuncture, pioneered over 60 years ago in Japan. For more specifics on the history and research behind AcuGraph, click the button below.

What Does AcuGraph Actually Measure?

AcuGraph measures electrical skin resistance, using a tiny voltage your patient can’t even feel. The measurements are captured, digitized, and interpreted by our advanced, patented software algorithms to provide unparalleled accuracy and insight.

Will AcuGraph Replace my Traditional Diagnostic Methods?

AcuGraph is NOT a substitute for traditional diagnosis and pattern recognition.

Rather, it enhances traditional methods by providing more information to be considered by the practitioner in making a diagnosis. It adds to, rather than replacing, traditional methods.

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Does AcuGraph Give the Same Information as Tongue and Pulse?

Though AcuGraph will often harmonize very well with your tongue and pulse results, it may also provide unexpected, further information you could not have found through traditional methods. The synergy between AcuGraph testing and your other diagnostic methods brings greater insight for better treatments.

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What is the P.I.E. Score?

The P.I.E. (Personal Integrated Energetic) score is a statistical summary of your patient’s overall energetic balance. It represents a synthesis of all the information gathered in the AcuGraph exam, expressed in a single number for easy comparison. The PIE score helps your patient understand how balanced their meridians are, and how they are changing under your care.


Want to Learn More?

Simply select an available 30 minute time slot on our calendar. This will reserve your online consultation with Dr. Adrian Larsen, the creator of AcuGraph. Dr. Larsen will show you the AcuGraph in action, and answer any questions you have about the program, graphing, results, technical specs, etc.

This isn’t a pre-recorded video, but a live, in-person consultation. Dr. Larsen will let you take the reins to ensure you get the most out of the meeting.

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