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AcuGraph Exam Troubleshooting

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AcuGraph Probe Not Found on Windows 10: This video tutorial will help you solve this issue, without needing to wait for technical support:
IMPORTANT Read This First! Before you can successfully run AcuGraph on your computer, you MUST update windows. The AcuGraph driver is controlled and distributed by Microsoft through Windows Update.

Please watch the video below for directions on how to successfully complete this process.


Install Windows Updates

Following the instructions in the video above will resolve issues in almost all scenarios.

If you have followed the video above, and you
continue to experience problems, consider these additional troubleshooting videos:
AcuGraph Probe Not Connected: STEP 2
This happens when your computer has initiated power saving functions while the AcuGraph software is open. This will show you how to disable the functions that interfere with the AcuGraph software and hardware.

Troubleshooting: AcuGraph Probe Not Connected

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