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Welcome to AcuGraph!

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Hi friend! I’m so excited to welcome you to the AcuGraph family! I know how excited you are to get started with AcuGraph, and so I created a short video to help you get oriented, set up your online AcuGraph account, and get started with your training.

PLEASE take 2 minutes to watch this short video. I can’t reiterate this enough. We have a brand new training course for our new AcuGraph users, which will make ALL of the difference in your confidence and understanding as you begin to practice with and use AcuGraph in your clinic. Plus, by completing the training you’ll earn your ACP (AcuGraph Certified Practitioner) designation, showing your competence with AcuGraph and our confidence in YOU!

It’s up to you to invest the time into learning how to use your AcuGraph. I can help, but I can’t do it for you.

Just click “Play” on the video below to get started, and you’ll see how simple it is to begin your AcuGraph training! I’ll see you in the video!

– Dr. Adrian Larsen, creator of AcuGraph


VERY IMPORTANT! Please watch this short video!

If you’ve used the Learning Portal before, go ahead and log in and your AcuGraph training will show up once you click “My Courses” in the top menu after logging in.

If you haven’t used the Learning Portal before, an account was created for you when you purchased AcuGraph. Click the button above, then click on "My Courses." On the login page click “Lost your password?”, set a password (AND SAVE IT!), and log in with your new password. Your AcuGraph training will show up once you click “My Courses” in the top menu after logging in.

If you have any issues accessing the AcuGraph training, please reach out to us at +1 208.846.8448 or live chat with us. We’re here to help!

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending you emails with other tips and tricks to get the most out of your AcuGraph. PLEASE read the emails I send so you don’t miss anything important.

Again, welcome to AcuGraph! I can’t wait for you to get started!

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