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Installing AcuGraph 5 Software

We make every effort to make AcuGraph as easy as possible to install and use. In the event that things don't go quite as smoothly as we hope, we have also created some tutorials to help solve the most common problems we come across.

To get started, select your operating system:

Select your operating system to get specific instructions for installing and running AcuGraph 5:

AcuGraph Training:

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AcuGraph 5 Release History—Click to reveal >>

Access your AcuGraph Software Training

As an AcuGraph user, you have access to our complete AcuGraph software training! The AcuGraph training has three parts. By completing all three parts, you’ll be fully equipped to use the AcuGraph system in practice and achieve better results than ever before for your patients.

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Part 1: AcuGraph Basics

• Setting up your AcuGraph
• Getting around the AcuGraph Software
• Patient Management
• The AcuGraph Exam
• Practice Graphing!

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Part 2: Using AcuGraph in Practice

• Interpreting the Graph
• Treatment Plans
• Types of AcuGraph Exams

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Part 3: Patient Communication

• The AcuGraph Report
• Talking to Patients about AcuGraph
• Building an Evidence-Based Practice

Become an AcuGraph Certified Practitioner

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By completing the AcuGraph training and passing the test for each part, you’ll receive your AcuGraph Certified Practitioner (ACP) designation and certificate. This highly prestigious certification shows your patients and the whole medical world that you’ve been properly trained and certified to use the AcuGraph system and that we vouch for you as an AcuGraph practitioner.

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